Paper Mache Dragons

Paper Mache Dragon Gallery 2

On the left is my version of a dragon that lives by the sea.   I call it, appropriately "Sea Dragon".   On the right is a commission I made for a Disney fan.   It is a 3D version of "Malicifent" from the original movie "Sleeping Beauty".

I am a Game of Thrones fan (well I'm a fan of the books too).  Above is my rendition of two of Dani's baby dragons hatching.  Below is the juvenile version of "Drogon" who is just out of the egg in the first photo.  

"Paper Mache Albino Dragon"

Dragon Marionette
Here is a close up of the star of my "Paper Mache Dragon Marionette" video. 

Lion Cub and Baby Dragon
Here is a closeup of the stars of my "Parallel Paper Mache" video.   I am very proud of this project.  I set out to make two pieces that were virtually identical until almost the final skin.   The spin below will help you get a better look.

So, did I succeed?  Thought so.  Thanks for letting me brag.

Of course all paper mache artists must make a piggy at some point.   I did too.  This piggy is the star of my "Paper Mache Piggy" video. 

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