Paper Mache Dragons

Paper Mache Dragon Gallery 1

Here are but a few of my dragons.  Some are the same ones you can find on Gourmet Paper Mache.  But the photos here are larger and show more detail.  I'll add more as I make them. 

This pair of paper mache dragons I call "Double Trouble"

Dragon Trophy
I love this color scheme for dragons.  I use it a lot.  This is of course the star of my "Paper Mache Dragon Trophy" video.

Paper Mache Blue Dragon 
This is an example of a dragon with the face of a dinosaur.

Paper Mache Sea Dragon 
Okay, so I can't make it as cool as the real sea dragons.  Let's face it, things that live in the sea are magnificent.

Paper Mache Bathroom Dragon
Yes, this is the dragon that hangs above my bath tub.  Close up below.

This isn't the best shot.  Sorry.  But you get the idea.  This is a classic "bearded dragon."

Paper Mache Standing Dragon
That's it.  A dragon that stands. 

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