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Paper Mache Dragon Handbook

Dragon-maker's Handbook is a fully illustrated, simple, clearly written, step-by-step instruction manual for building the kind of paper mache dragon you saw on the video.   Of course you can use the book to learn my paper mache techniques and then make something other than a dragon.   Make a pig, or a fish, like the ones on  But why would you do that?  You NEED a dragon.  Of course your dragon will take more than four minutes to build (like on the video) unless you drink a lot of coffee.   And your dragon will not turn out exactly the same as the one on the video.   I've never had a dragon turn out the same way twice.   Trust me, yours will develop its own personality and style, as it should.    

I offer two versions of this book, one black and white, one color.  The black and white is $8.95 plus shipping.    The "Full Color Edition" of the book is $14.95 plus shipping.   Except for the color, the books are identical.   They both work perfectly as how-to guides.   Just thought you'd like the choice.   I've put a couple examples of the difference in pages below.

Pushing either button will take you to Paypal's secure site where you can use Paypal or a bank card (or a check, although it will take a few days to clear).   You don't have to be a member of Paypal to buy the book.   I ship within 24 hours of payment.  If you live in the States, you should get the book in a couple of days.  If you are buying outside the United States, click the "calculate total order amount" link at the top of the page.   Then click the "shipping outside the US?" link.   Sorry, it will take a couple weeks to get a book outside the US.   But I think it will be worth the wait.  

Questions about the book?  Questions about paper mache?  Would you rather have my "Papier Mache Monsters" book?  (For that, click here)?   Contact me.

Thank you for making art!

Dragon-maker's Handbook-Color

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Dragon-maker's Handbook-Black and White

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