Paper Mache Dragons

Paper Mache Dragons

Welcome to my Paper Mache Dragon site.   This is not my primary website.   I use this one specifically for talking about paper mache dragons.    If you want more information about me, paper mache, dragons as well as monsters, pigs, and everything else paper mache, please visit Gourmet Paper Mache.  (No advertisements there! Well, except for my books.)    See more videos there too. 

Meanwhile, since you're here, watch the videos.   Look at some of the pictures.  Think about paper mache, or if you're French, papier mache.    Think about maybe making a dragon yourself. 

Thank you!

Dan (the Monster-man) Reeder

Here is a video of Juvenile Drogon being made.  Please take advantage of my fancy camera and watch this in HD and full screen.

Paper Mache Albino Dragon

For photos of the dragon, click here

Note:  These videos are embedded from YouTube. 

I'm not a puppeteer.  But it was really fun teaching this little guy to dance!  Micheal Jackson would be proud of me at the end!

Want to make a dragon?  Click here.
Paper Mache Dragons

Paper Mache Dragons book, back cover
Back cover
I made a dragon for Fall.  Hope you like it.

I thought it would be fun to make a dead dragon.  Here it is:

Here is another nice trophy.  I show how to make this on in my "Paper Mache Dragons" book.

Dan Reeder's paper mache dragon trophy

Here is dragon I made for my friend Pascal and his family. 

year of the paper mache dragon dragon

Below is a paper mache dragon commission.    A really nice couple wanted a sweet little dragon, kind of like William in my "William's Treasure" book.   I couldn't sell William since he is the star of my book, so I decided to make a cute little dragon sitting like a dog would sit waiting for you to throw him a toy.  Here he is.

baby paper mache dragon

baby paper mache dragon-back

paper mache dragon baby side view
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